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1. What are your business hours?
The office opens from Monday to Friday.
We also provide email support 24 hours a day.

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1. What’s service that Liquidity provides?
We will provide a series of service such as Liquidity Service, FIX API and so on.
2. What’s the trading hours please?
From 22:00 on Sunday to 22:00 on Friday, UTC time.
3. What are the advantages of Liquidity Service that Liri Financial Limited provides?
・Lower cost ・Cooperated with many banks around the world and more advantages on price. ・Providing multilingual technical support.
4. Where did Liri Financial Limited obtain Liquidity?
From some financial institutions like Bank of America, BNP PARIBAS, Citibank, COMMERZBANK, UBS, EBS, Morgan Stanley, NOMURA, RBS, KCG, Westpac, Goldman Sachs and son on.
5. Are spreads variable or not?
Yes, spreads are variable. The average value is regarded as base spread. Rates tend to fluctuate widely before and after index data release since of the lower liquidity. Oppositely, a higher liquidity during the trading time of New York and London causes a slight rate fluctuation.

back to topAbout Investment Service (Forex)

1. What is Forex?
Foreign exchange (Forex) is a financial product which shall be invested according to the fluctuation between two currencies (currency pairs) exchange.
2. What are the advantages of Forex?
a. Rising or falling, bidirectional ways to trade
b. 24 hours trading functions
c. Low cost and flexible leverage selection
d. Reduce risks through various trading ways
3. What Forex service does Liri Financial Limited offer?
As a system service provider, Liri Financial Limited provides the premier MT4 and novel TF Trader trading platform. In addition, we offer liquidity provider service to our clients.
4. What are Liri Financial Limited's biggest advantages?
a. Provision of leading MT4 and TF Trader Forex trading platforms
b. Low cost
c. Partnership with world-class financial institutions to quote the most competitive price
d. Optimal leverage choices
e. Multi-languages support
5. How to open a Forex Account?
You can open it on the Forex page of official website below.

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1. What service does Local Bank Transfer provide?
Customers can transfer their funds to offshore account fast by using Local Bank Transfer Service. Currently, this service is only developed in Japan and Russia, but it will be applied in Taiwan, Korea and Philippines in future.
2. What are the advantages of Local Bank Transfer Service?
Local Bank Transfer is provided with simple operation, low cost and more speediness compared with bank.