Liquidity Service

Our liquidity is ensured by receiving liquidity from more than 10 major (tier-1) liquidity providers. This makes it possible to provide tight spreads that are fair and stable, as well as smooth transactions with little requote or slippage.
All orders are executed through STP without dealer intervention.
With a competitive cost charge, the broker's hedge account is linked with a bridge system, and customer funds are sent through A-Book to numerous liquidity providers, making it easy to avoid risk.
Establishing a dealing desk is also simple.

A world-class risk management environment is provided.

A simple,lean user interface is an enormous help to brokers in appropriately managing risk.
Brokers enjoy the support of a liquidity environment that is comparable to or better than those of major liquidity providers.
Experience liquidity service is in the world's top class in terms of fair prices and charges.
In addition to our risk management know-how, we can also provide consulting on how traders and brokers can maximize profit.

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Liquidity is now a key criterion for broker selection, and we can provide the best liquidity with the fastest execution, unhindered by marketing strategy. Excellent partnerships with numerous liquidity providers make the best prices a reality.