Vision Story

Service Concept & Mission

Liri Financial Limited offers excellent online trading platform to small and medium entrepreneurs; our mission is to provide clients with holistic support to considerarbly lower operation cost and accelerate business expansion. With integrated strength, we are making effort to become a world's leading financial service provider.

Message from Our Director

It is essential for money infrastructure to be involved in business in all fields all over the world. When you try to expand your business from domestic to overseas market as an entrepreneur or an investor, it is likely that you will be confronted with manifold culture shock as well as discrepancies concerning legal structure, foreign exchange rates and commercial practices, etc.

Sometimes, there are too many available options and commercial conditions to make an optimum choice. In that case, you may suffer a great loss in your business. Although you are always free to access to various information on internet immediately, it is of difficulty and complexity to be involved in business globalization.

The perplexities of SME i.e. small medium enterprise lie in that the globalization support services are always targeted for relatively large corporations instead of SME, whose services are too costly to fit into demands of SME. In other words, there are numerous services and systems available for large corporations rather than ventures or relatively small companies.

Our goal is to support the globalization process for any individual or enterprise aiming for global expansion.